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Celebrating Bob Vilkas (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Today, the Sandvick Team recognized valued staff member, Bob Vilkas, who will be retiring after a decade of service with our team. In celebration of Bob, Part 1 will include some words from our team and pictures from over the years. Part 2 will include an interview with Bob and some highlights from his career.

Jonathan Sandvick:

"It's been truly wonderful to have Bob on our team! Bob's been a great leader with immense knowledge, experience and wisdom! In addition, Bob lead the way with a joyful spirit and great wit while doing whatever was required to get it right. I will deeply miss Bob not just for his invaluable help and exceptional council, but also for his wonderful presence as a good person! If our team was a Christmas tree, we would be losing a whole set of beautiful lights. Yes, Bob will be missed!"


"Bob has been an incredible teammate, mentor, and most importantly, friend. I've known Bob for many years now and have never met anyone with so much knowledge and charisma. He is always willing to take time and explain things with people, and he is always ready to crack a joke (or five!). He has really helped me jump start my career and has been an unbelievable mentor. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me and will truly miss having him in the office. I wish him the best with his retirement and look forward to hearing his funny stories WHEN he comes back to visit!


Bob has been a great mentor and advisor as I work on getting my code certifications. I have enjoyed talking with him about code issues and determining if an issue will pass the 'laugh test'. I will miss having Bob in early with me in the morning - a nice quiet time to discuss. Bob is well respected in the code community and I am honored to have worked with him!


"I will miss Bob's valuable insight, guidance, and brutal honesty, which was frequently accompanied by masterful sarcasm and/or a crazy story. Mostly, I will miss laughing with Bob!"


"I will always respect Bob's knowledge base, professionalism, patience, and most of all his great sense of humor! Bob has an uncanny way of handling complex, difficult issues, with a smile and kindness. Sandvick Architects will miss our colleague, mentor, and friend!"


"When asking Bob a critical code question, I typically know the answer that I expect, but want his perspective from years of experience in the Building Department, but what I appreciate more is his smart-ass wit that generally puts my 'critical' question into perspective. I fear I will grow up to be like Bob - or maybe that's a good thing."


"Like the cake said, you will be definitely and dearly missed - though it has only been a year, I am glad our time at SA had some overlap; I think I can speak for the rest of us in acknowledging how lucky we are collectively to have your expertise in house. Enjoy your retirement, keep laughing (even when you aren't being tested), and don't be a stranger!"


"Bob has given me some valuable advice during my years here at Sandvick. He has the wisdom of an Obi Wan and does something answer with Yoda (only he is much taller and he's not green). My advice to Bob in his retirement years is something he would say to me, and that is: 'It has to pass the laugh test!' In that, in his days of retirement if it doesn't make you laugh then it doesn't pass the test...time to do something fun. We will miss your wit and wisdom. HAVE A GREAT RETIREMENT!"

Be sure to read Part 2 here to learn more about Bob's time with Sandvick Architects and to hear about some of his favorite moments from his career.


The Sandvick Team

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