Jonathan Sandvick


​Jonathan is an expert in the architectural analysis of historic buildings, programming and feasibility studies; his efforts are distinguished by the successful use of historic rehabilitation tax credits and conservation easements to provide redevelopment financing for a wide variety of projects. 

Jonathan has been the Architect of Record for over 40 buildings historically rehabilitated and adaptively used in Cleveland alone, and has achieved housing for nearly 5000 residents (nearing 3000 housing units) in historic preservation adaptive reuse projects.


jsandvick (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Architecture Staff

Amy Crysler

Architect, Project Manager

acrysler (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Al Kofskey

Architect, Project Manager

al (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Charles Sieving

Senior Architect, Specs Writer

chassieving (at) hotmail.com

Dan Markiewicz


dmarkiewicz (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Dave Abramczyk

Senior Designer

dabramczyk (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Devon Zurcher


dzurcher (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Diane Thompson

Senior Designer

diane (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Elizabeth Crooks

Project Manager, Designer

lcrooks (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Emily Rickenbacker


erickenbacker (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Heather Harris

Interior Designer

hharris (at) sandvickarchitects.com

John Jefferson


johnj (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Julie Dornback

Senior Designer, Project Manager

julie (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Karen Borland

Architect, Project Manager

kborland (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Keith Hayes

Project Manager

khayes (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Laura Gagnon

Architect, Project Manager

lauragagnon (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Linda Rosul

Architect, Project Manager

lrosul (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Marc Baniszewski

Architect, Project Manager

marc (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Meenon Kastoori


mkastoori (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Neha Reddy Manda


nreddy (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Nikhila Ramineedi


nramineedi (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Randy Doi

Architect, Project Manager

rdoi (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Sean Sandvick


ssandvick (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Timothy Wagner

Architect, Project Manager

timw (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Wendy Harbaugh

Architect, Project Manager

wharbaugh (at) sandvickarchitects.com

William Penney


bpenney (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Preservation Staff

Peter Ketter

Historic Preservation Director

pketter (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Matthew Sandvick

Historic Preservation Assistant

msandvick (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Administration Staff

Joyce Varlamos

Office Manager

jvarlamos (at) aol.com

Michelle Davis

Administrative Assistant

mdavis (at) sandvickarchitects.com

Kayla Sandvick

Administrative Assistant

kkonen (at) sandvickarchitects.com


“I believe that our existing buildings are one of our greatest storehouses of natural resources imbued with wonderful artistry and history. These buildings are essential for us to save as a matter of ecological, social, and cultural responsibility.”

 Jonathan Sandvick, President

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